The Woodsman Bag is a 100% waterproof truck bag made with heavy duty tear resistant 900D TPU coated fabric that allows you to more than triple your truck bed loading capacity. Ideal for ATVs and other large items that need to stay protected from weather and road debris. It comes complete with welded seams and a waterproof zipper. Equipped also with 12 interior tie down loops and 18 exterior loops to secure your load from movement as well as 6 coated adjustable steel bungee straps that adjust your bag to any size load, making it more versatile than any tonneau cover or truck cap.

The Woodsman bag is the ultimate carry-all bag that can handle not only your smallest of loads using the six-adjustable drop-top bungee cords, but with its largest in class 175 cubic feet storage capacity it could even handle big items such as ATV’s. The versatility and uses for this bag are virtually endless and although originally designed for a truck bed, it is equally suited for trailers or even soft shelled storage shelters for the backyard when your shed just can’t handle anymore.

Unique to Soppit bags is our double loop system which enables you to secure items safely inside the bag using our interior loops which are mated to an outside loop that attaches to the truck or trailer, therefore ensuring your load remains secured and safe. The Off Grid bag comes equipped with 6 double loops on the floor level as well as 6 double loops half way up the bag providing you with numerous options to secure your load. The loops are made of a waterproof seat belt quality fabric that will last you for years to come.

All Soppit truck bags are constructed with heavy duty reinforced TPU coated waterproof fabric. TPU is hands down the best coating on the market and ranks as the number one coating in strength, coating adhesion, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and low temperature flexibility.

The truck bag is zippered on 3 of the 4 sides allowing the top to fully open for ease of access. The waterproof zipper with an extra wide zipper flap provides two layers of protection from torrential rain storms to arctic cold temperatures.

There’s no other product like it on the market, this bag is definitely a no brainer for any truck or trailer owner and when your bag is not in use, simply roll it up or leave it in place and throw your things on top.


• 900D Polyester

• TPU coating

• 50+ UV coating

• 98”L x 62”W x 50”H

• 247 x 157 x 127cm

• 175.81 cu. ft.

• 4.98 cu. m.


• 50+ UV coating

• Heavy duty 900D tear resistant fabric Reinforced waterproof TPU coating 3 sided easy access opening

• 2 way waterproof zipper

• Welded seams

• Soft sides flex to adjust to odd shaped loads

• To -40F (-40 C)

• Includes 6 adjustable drop-top, metal reinforced bungee cords

• 6 top and bottom loops adjusts bag height as required and anchors bag to vehicle


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